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These are Jack's current books in print available related

to explosives and blasting.  They can be purchased on Amazon or let us know if you would like to make a bulk order or purchase a special autographed book.

AEG LE Book Front Cover 21-SEP-20.jpg
AEG LE Book Rear Cover 21-SEP-20.jpg

Explosives, IEDs and Breaking for Law Enforcement, 3rd Ed.

Third Edition updated for how IEDs are used in Active Shooter and Riot events. Information on commercial, military, and homemade explosives. IED structure and components. Best practice strategies for responding to IEDs, Active Shooters, and mass terroristic threats.


Includes door and structure explosives breaching techniques. You will learn about shaped charges and how explosive energy is directed. As well as using water impulse charges for breaching and IED disrupters. U.S. IED incident case study. Ideal for First Responders, Police, Fire, EMT, SWAT, SAR, Military, 911 Operators and Security.


This is restricted material and not to be sold to anyone who is not an active first responder or security personnel.  Contact us if you are interested in training. Paperback, 330 pages, $27.95 USD

Explosives and Blasting 6 Ed Cover Front.jpg
Explosives and Blasting 6 Ed Cover Rear.jpg

Explosives & Blasting, 6th Ed.


Explosives & Blasting is a commercial blasting handbook ideal for Miners, Contractors & Engineers. The 6th Edition has been updated to include alternative 1.4 blasting, large rock quarry blasting, and precession presplit blasting.


This book covers explosives regulation from ATF, DOT, MSHA and other federal agencies. It also includes information on explosive materials ranging from dynamite, emulsions, RDX, Det Cord, shaped charged and various types of blasting caps and their applications. Blasting applications are also covered from drilling and blasting rock, blowing tree stumps, mining and demolition.


This interactive book allows you to scan QR codes to watch videos. It is the official class training book for the American Explosives Group, Inc.  Contact us if you would be interested in training.  Paperback, 334 pages, hundreds of images $37.95 USD

Off the Grid Front Cover 11-Jun-2020.jpg
Off the Grid Rear Cover 11-Jun-2020.jpg

Off the Grid, Drive, Navigate & Survive Off-Road

Blasters need to know these skills and drive off-road!  Off the Grid, Drive, Navigate and Survive Off-Road is a book over ten years in the making and is ideal for beginning to advanced off-road and overland enthusiasts.


319 pages and includes hundreds of photos for practical off-road setups, international travel, driving techniques, getting unstuck, GPS navigation, communication, emergency repairs and survival. It also reviews the pros and cons of tents, RTTs, expedition trailers, vans, campers and off-road RVs.


Jack W. Peters is the GPS and explosives specialist on Discovery Channel’s Treasure Quest. Jack’s information and advice is inspired by leading a 4WD Search & Rescue team as well as his adventures in Bolivia, India and racing in Baja!  Second Edition updated September 2020.  Paperback, 319 pages, $17.95 USD

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